Complaints Handling Policy



The Planet Power Australia Team takes pride in our approach to quality in product and service.  We do understand, that from time to time, unforeseen circumstances may arise.

Planet Power Australia values Customer Feedback and we are committed to resolving issues in a fair, timely and efficient manner.

Forward a complaint, or feedback, to the Planet Power Australia Team via the following options: –


In Person:

Compliance Officer

Planet Power Australia

2/17-25 Lake Albert Road

Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

By Phone: 1300 769 256 or 0477 395 959
By Email:  


Our process for customer complaint resolution is as follows: –


Complaints received by email, or mail, shall be acknowledged by the Compliance Officer within 24 – 48 hours of receipt.

  • We will undertake to deliver feedback on the outcome within 21 business days and will keep the Complainant updated on progress during this process.
  • Contact may be made with the Complainant to clarify information to further investigate the complaint, if needed.
  • Should we believe that the required outcome may take longer than 21 business days, contact will be made with the Complainant and completion of the investigation will occur within 45 business days from receipt of the original complaint.
  • Where the outcome is deemed to be unsatisfactory to the Complainant, escalation of the process can be made through Fair Trading NSW or Consumer Affairs VIC or the Solar Ombudsman applicable to the State business occurred.
  • All Complainants will be treated in a dignified and professional manner. Every reasonable effort will be made to investigate the relevant circumstances as quickly as possible.
  • The continual improvement of the complaints handling process and the quality of services is a permanent and integral objective of our company. Information and feedback acquired will ensure that a similar situation is avoided in the future.


Records will be logged internally with the Compliance Officer at the Albury Office. All files to be marked “Private and Confidential”.


No information will be disclosed unless authorised in writing by the customer where it relates to the resolution process or is required by an external body or organisation as relevant to our Privacy Policy located on our website at –

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