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Jinko Solar Panels


When it comes to product quality, Jinko has the No. 1 ranking in shipments for three (3) consecutive years, and their solid track record, speaks for itself. As a leading module manufacturer, JinkoSolar has shipped approximately 40GW of solar modules to customers in 108 countries around the globe. 

Only a reliable, sustainable, and financially healthy company can deliver its promise and cover a 25-year service life warranty and they have now introduced their NEW TWELVE (12) YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY to replace the previous ten (10) year product warranty. For years, JinkoSolar has been one of the most profitable solar PV manufacturers in the world. 

UL certified in-house testing facilities, strong methodology and efficient processes along with highly skilled staff, as well as participating in all internationally authorised third-party quality certification programs, ensure that JinkoSolars tests are credible, and underpin the assurances they make in their guarantee. 

A 52 step continuous and routine quality inspection in production, an in-line monitoring system in place throughout the entire supply chain, plus a 100% electroluminescence test for each cell and module, including a barcode ID Quality traceable system, are just some of the measures they take to ensure top standards. 

Solaria Solar Panels

Beauty, Efficiency & Power

With 20% more energy per square meter than traditional solar panels, Solaria’s advanced PowerXT® panels generate maximum power in minimum space.

  1. Better Performance
    High energy output
    Better Economics
    Superior Shading Perfomance

  2. More Attractive
    Pure Black
    No Visible Circutry
    Better Curb Appeal

  3. Better Quality
    Fewer Failure Points
    Industry Leading 25-Year Warranty
    Certified Quality

    Optimized For Maximum Output
    Engineered to maximise energy production, Solaria PowerXT® panels consistently set industry standards for reliability and durability.

    . High performance panel with over 350 issued and pending patents

    . Higher power and superior Pure BlackTM aesthetics

    . Superior shading performance with advanced circuit layouts

    . Designed to increase reliability by eliminating common failure points

    . Comprehensive 25-year warranty on power and performance

Actual Solaria PowerXT Installation

Rendering of Installation with Traditional Panels

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