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Jinko Solar Panels


When it comes to product quality, Jinko has the No. 1 ranking in shipments for three (3) consecutive years, and their solid track record, speaks for itself. As a leading module manufacturer, JinkoSolar has shipped approximately 40GW of solar modules to customers in 108 countries around the globe. 

Only a reliable, sustainable, and financially healthy company can deliver its promise and 30-YEAR PERFORMANCE WARRANTY with their NEW TWENTY-FIVE (25) YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY to replace the previous twelve (12) year product warranty. For years, JinkoSolar has been one of the most profitable solar PV manufacturers in the world. 

UL certified in-house testing facilities, strong methodology and efficient processes along with highly skilled staff, as well as participating in all internationally authorised third-party quality certification programs, ensure that JinkoSolars tests are credible, and underpin the assurances they make in their guarantee. 

A 52 step continuous and routine quality inspection in production, an in-line monitoring system in place throughout the entire supply chain, plus a 100% electroluminescence test for each cell and module, including a barcode ID Quality traceable system, are just some of the measures they take to ensure top standards. 

Hyundai Shingled Panels

Shingled cell panels have been available for over five years and are a proven reliable cell format that has been adopted by several well-known companies over the years. Shingled cells use the same monocrystalline silicon wafers used in most common solar cells but are divided and arranged in a unique overlapping format.

Benefits of shingled cells

  • Increased shade tolerance
  • Reduced hot spot risk
  • Reduced risk of micro-cracks
  • Unique visual appearance
  • Striking Curb Appeal

Compact size – The shingled cell panel design results in a shorter and slightly wider panel format which is well suited for residential rooftops. Considering most other manufacturers are now producing taller panels from 1750 to 1950mm, the shorter 1650mm Hyundai panels are one of the few options available for roof areas with limited space.

How do shingled cells work?

Shingled cells are made by dividing a full-size cell into five strips with each section being one fifth the size of a full cell. The narrow cell strips are assembled into long strings of 34 to 40 cells depending on the panel size. This results in a similar string voltage of a regular panel but a fifth of the electrical current. Lowering the string current reduces the resistance and operating temperature which reduces the chance of hot spots forming if there is ever a faulty cell or micro-crack.

Improved performance under partial shading

Another benefit of using the shingled cell format where the strings of cells are assembled horizontally across the panel is the improved shade tolerance. Since each string of cells is essentially independent, if one or more strings are shaded it does not reduce the current of the other strings.

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